From the Pastor


Dear Friends in Christ,

I normally don’t feel comfortable writing about the political situation in our country. But I am concerned about how polarized and divisive we have become as a nation. It seems like our two political parties have dug deep into their positions and are not willing to figure out how they can work together to make decisions that would be best for our country. It concerns me how the candidates for president are focusing on things that divide us, just to get elected, ra-ther than talking about how their leadership can work to bring a divided nation together. A nation that is divided will eventually fall apart.

Christ came into the world to reunite His beloved children to Himself through His death and resurrection. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to create faith in Christ which unifies us with the Father and with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. The challenge for us as individual believers and as the church is to live our lives in unity so that peo-ple can actually see the unity we have with Christ and with one another. To create such unity in a fallen world is tru-ly a miracle of God’s grace and forgiveness working in our lives. A church with a strong unifying witness of Christ is also a church that is unified in mission to connect broken people coming from all situations in life to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Satan also knows that if he can divide the church into factions he weakens the witness of the church. He uses poli-tics, culture, language, social standings, economic differences, our professions, personalities, values, generational differences, and even theological differences to work at dividing and conquering. Sadly, when we look at the church in our country it seems like Satan is doing a good job to weaken the church’s message. I believe the growth of secu-larization in our country is the result of a weak and divided church. I believe the church is partly responsible for the polarization of our country.

What can we do? First, prayerfully consider a candidate that would best work to unify our country and have the courage to make decisions that would be best for the whole country, not just special interest groups. Remember in a fallen world, there will never be a perfect country or a perfect president. Our citizenship is heaven; we wait for Christ’s return and His eternal kingdom. Second, thank the Lord for the freedom we have to worship and proclaim the gospel in our communities. We should never take this for granted. Thirdly, pray that we might be unified as a church to take seriously the mission Christ Himself has given to us “to make disciples of all nations.” Christ has the power to break down all the barriers that keep us divided so we might be more than conquerors in presenting a uni-fying and life-changing message to the world in which we live.

Our mission as the church is not to “Make America Great Again” or “Working for Change, Working for You” or “A Future to Believe In” or “Reigniting the Promise of America.” No, we proclaim “Christ Crucified and Risen” a life- changing message that has eternal value.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Mark